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Battery switch cabinet

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●Use environment requirements: working environment: -5℃~+50℃; storage temperature: -30℃~+60℃; working relative humidity: no more than 85% (at +30℃);
●Storage relative humidity: ≤90%~96% (at 40℃±2℃); atmospheric pressure: 70~106kpa; altitude: ≤1000m, when the altitude is >1000m, derating should be in accordance with GB/T 3859.2-1993 use. Vertical inclination: ≤5%
●The static load-bearing capacity of the cabinet can reach more than 2000KG (excluding the weight of the cabinet body and accessories). The structure of the cabinet and its internal installation columns, battery laminates and other components are firm and meet the seismic requirements of YD5059
●The insulation resistance of each live circuit in the cabinet to the ground (or cabinet) is not less than 10MΩ.
● Between each live circuit in the cabinet to the ground (or cabinet) and two non-electrically connected live circuits, it can withstand a 2500V, 50Hz sinusoidal test voltage for 1min without breakdown or arcing, and the leakage current is not more than 10mA.
● The protection level of the electrical part in the cabinet is not less than IP2X.

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●The rack is composed of a cabinet body and accessories. The cabinet body is composed of a frame (using G-shaped columns), mounting columns, front and rear doors, side panels, top panels, bottom panels, and supporting connectors. Accessories include battery partitions, battery baffles, etc. composition. The thickness of the steel plate used for the main load-bearing parts of the cabinet (frame, beam, battery shelf, etc.) is 2mm, and the thickness of the steel plate used for the front and rear mesh doors, side panels, top plate, and bottom plate is 1.2 to 1.5mm.
●The outer surface of the cabinet is treated with electrostatic spray, which has good anti-corrosion performance and strong acid and alkali resistance.
●The deviation of the cabinet dimensions shall not exceed ±2mm; the perpendicularity tolerance of the outer surface to the bottom reference plane shall not exceed ±3mm.
●Single side of the cabinet adopts 7 beams to support the frame (see the structure diagram), and the top and bottom frame adopts Japanese-shaped structure to strengthen the firmness.
●Two pairs of vertical keels are added to the sides of the cabinet to fix the side beams to ensure the load-bearing capacity of the battery separator.


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