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In today's highly developed information society, the role of information networks as social infrastructure is increasing day by day. Safe and efficient operation and management of server systems has become the most important issue for enterprises. Longxing has developed a comprehensive pallet and Internet data center cabinet "NPX06-Z", which is designed according to YD/T1819 and YD/T2319 standards.

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NPX06-Z13 network cabinet integrated rack for data equipment, due to the high heat generation of the internal server, the BKT type cabinet backplane terminal is installed on the back plate of the indoor standard cabinet, directly facing the cabinet heat source; and the cabinet It can also install a suitable number and ventilation amount of axial fans together with the heat exhaust axial fan of the server inside the cabinet to jointly realize the cooling operation requirements of the system; make the standard cabinet form a reasonable flow of cold and hot air flow, and the heat of the cabinet can be circulated The working fluid and the system are connected with red copper pipes and transported to the outdoor unit in time, and continuously discharged to the outdoor air to achieve split cooling operation. The outdoor air-cooled heat rejection unit is installed on the outer roof of the machine room or high on the load-bearing wall , It is integrated with one or more sets of cabinet backplanes in the room, and is connected with the working medium red copper pipes, which can realize the combination arrangement of one for one or one for two, suitable for small computer rooms with a single cabinet heating value of 3 KW ~ 8 KW, and more The total heat output of the cabinet is between 10 KW and 20 KW. It adopts fully automatic switching working mode, maintenance-free overall flexible layout and installation, realizing high-efficiency refrigeration, energy-saving heat removal operation throughout the year, and higher safe and reliable automatic temperature regulation.

Internal back panel air conditioner cabinet door specification: front door H

Back door: cabinet-back panel air conditioner


skills requirement:

>Environmental conditions

Working temperature: -5℃-+40℃

Relative humidity: ≤85% (at +30℃)

>Introduction of power supply voltage: AC 220V: 187-240V

>When the user needs, for the data network cabinet, it can provide the bottom air inlet or the forward air cabinet, and the cabinet has airflow organization and cooling effect

>The network interface can be provided when the user needs it

>Insulation resistance: the insulation resistance of each live circuit in the cabinet to the ground (or cabinet)>10MΩ

>Insulation strength: each live circuit in the cabinet should be able to withstand 2500V, 50Hz between the ground (or cabinet) and two non-electrically connected live circuits

The test voltage is sinusoidal for 1min, no breakdown or arcing occurs, and the leakage current is less than 10mA

>The plastic material in the cabinet is flame retardant

>Perfect grounding system


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