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GP31-2-b1 outdoor fiber optic cable transfer box

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The box body can be opened front or back. There is sufficient space for cloth fiber and fiber storage, sufficient winding reel and hook for user operation.

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The box body can be opened from the front or back. There is ample space for cloth fiber and fiber storage, enough winding reels and hooks for user operation.
The box body is made of high-quality stainless steel plate, and is electroplated and sprayed. It not only has good corrosion resistance and aging resistance, but also has good sealing performance. It can withstand severe climate changes and harsh working environments. The protection level Reach the IP65 level requirement in GB4208.
The box body is molded by high-strength glass fiber reinforced polyester, which has good mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and aging resistance, and is light in weight.
Fully modular design, using 12-core fusion splicing wiring integrated module.
UFO-type direct melting plate can be used, which is small in size and large in direct melting capacity.
The bottom of the box is high and the space is large, which is convenient for the introduction of the optical cable, has a larger radius of curvature, and is convenient for installation, operation and construction.
According to the needs of users, the fiber optic cable reinforcement core can also be in the form of a fixed cover for the fiber optic cable, which is suitable for ordinary and ribbon fiber optic cables.
Grounding method: The box body has two layers of ground, the first layer is a protective ground, and the fiber optic cable reinforcement core is connected to the protective ground. The other layer is the rack ground. The grounds of the two layers are not connected to each other, and they lead to the ground of the machine room through their respective ground wires.

Working conditions

Working temperature: -40℃~+60℃
Relative humidity: ≤95% (at +40℃)
Atmospheric pressure: 70kPa~106kPa

skills requirement

Protection level: IP65
Nominal working wavelength: 850nm, 1310nm, 1550nm.
Insertion loss of optical fiber connector: ≤0.3 dB.
Optical fiber connector return loss: ≥45dB (PC type).
The withstand voltage between the high-voltage protective grounding device of the frame and the frame is ≥3000V(DC)/1min, without breakdown and arcing.
Insulation resistance between the box metal workpiece and the grounding device≥2×104MΩ/500V(DC)
The surface of the box can withstand a vertical pressure greater than 980N. After the door is opened, the vertical pressure at the outermost end of the door can withstand greater than 200N.
The fixed position of the optical cable can withstand an axial tension of 1000N, and can withstand a total of 3 cycles of twisting at a torsion angle of ±90°.
The radius of curvature at the bend of the fiber>30mm (internal control 40mm)


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