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CT GPX09S optical fiber main distribution frame (double-sided operation type)

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This product is designed and manufactured according to YD/T778, YD/T694 and China Telecom Enterprise Product Standard "CT GPX09S Optical Fiber Main Distribution Frame (Double-sided Operation)". The optical fiber assembly frame is a double-sided fiber jumper device for indoor terminal machines. It has functions such as fiber terminal wiring, fiber jumper, and fiber storage. It has large capacity, convenient operation and maintenance, and plays an important role in fiber protection.

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The rack is mainly composed of top seat, base, frame, front left door (optional), front right door (optional), rear left door (optional), rear right door (optional), optical cable fixing stripping unit, external Cable-side fusion-fitting integrated tray and equipment-side terminal panel;

The front of the prosthesis is led into the outdoor optical cable, which has the functions of fixing, branch protection, and fusion, and the back of the equipment side optical cable is introduced, and the jumper is connected to the front and rear modules through the side channel of the rack;

The top base of the frame is welded with 1 M8×20 stud for the grounding of the frame, and there are 4 M8 threaded through holes on both sides of the top base for connection with the top of the parallel frame. At the same time, the top base There are also 2 Φ8.5 holes for installing special-purpose supports (such as installing optical cable racks, fiber channels, etc.) on the top of the rack. The rack base should have 4 14×25 Waist hole for fixing the bottom of the frame;

The identification box is set under each unit, position and size should be uniform;

The fiber jumper storage uses a round fiber winding wheel, the installation position of the fiber winding wheel should be unified, and the outer diameter is divided into two types according to the function: Φ62mm, Φ25mm, the material should be drawn by PVC, and the arrangement of the fiber winding wheel should be reasonable and conform to the disk The actual demand for fiber;

No exposed installation screws should appear in all places where the optical fiber passes. If necessary, cover nuts can be used for protection;

The pallet ensures that the adapter is firm, reliable, and dustproof during transportation.

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