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CT GPX09R fiber splice frame

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This product is designed and manufactured according to YD/T778 and the product standard of China Telecom Enterprise "CT GPX09R Optical Fiber Splice Frame". The optical fiber splicing rack is an indoor optical fiber splicing fiber storage. It has the functions of optical cable introduction, optical fiber splicing, and fiber storage. It has large capacity, convenient operation and maintenance, and plays an important role in optical cable communication.

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The frame body is made of cold-rolled steel plate material through electroplating and plastic spraying, and adopts a welded closed structure, which has a beautiful appearance and a firm structure. The door is an external hanging structure. Front and rear double doors structure, each door is fixed up and down with magnetic attraction. The door of the rack adopts living hinge, which can be flexibly disassembled. The opening angle of the door should not be less than 110°;

The rack adopts front operation, and the racks can be installed side by side. In the rack, the full capacity of the optical cable introduction, fixing, stripping, and fiber splicing must be satisfied, and the maintenance operation will not be affected when the full configuration is full, which is flexible and convenient;

The fiber optic cables and pigtails are routed and enter the rack from the top of the rack. The fiber inlet of the fiber optic cable is protected by a protective fiber strip. The top of the rack should have a large enough cable area. The fiber fusion splicing area should be equipped with dust-proof device;

There are large enough fiber jumper holes on the bottom plates on both sides of the rack to meet the fiber routing when multiple racks are paralleled;

The frame body has a perfect grounding system: the top base of the frame is welded with an M8×20 stud for the frame to be grounded. Ensure electrical continuity, and effective grounding of the fiber optic cable reinforcement core and its armor layer, and the two are insulated;

Mechanical movable part: The mechanical movable part rotates flexibly, the opening of the door should be no less than 110°, and the gap should be no more than 3mm;

Adapter type: suitable for the installation of SC (or FC type) fiber optic adapters. The adapter is installed on the six-position adapter strip. The six-position adapter card bar is installed on the optical jumper unit board. (Capacity depends on user needs);

The bending radius of the incoming optical cable should be no less than 15 times the diameter of the optical cable. When the core and pigtail are bent wherever they are, the curvature radius should be no less than 30mm;

The plastic parts are made of flame-retardant materials and meet the FV0 requirements in GB2408;

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