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GPX82-7-2 optical fiber distribution frame

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GPX82-7-2 type optical fiber distribution frame (referred to as "Access Layer ODF") is designed according to YD/T778-2006 and YD/T2000.1-2014 standards, and has functions such as fiber splitting, termination, and wiring. In view of the network characteristics of "large capacity, few offices, and wide coverage" of optical fiber access, the original ordinary small-capacity optical fiber distribution frame can no longer adapt to the development of large-scale optical fiber business, and the access layer ODF uses optical fiber to access the area. The central office is the basic access point, intensively using large-scale optical fiber resources, realizing centralized and unified management and scheduling of machines and lines, as well as improving network operation and maintenance efficiency and investment benefits. With the growth of high-bandwidth information communication demand and PON and other optical fiber communications With the development of technology, the advantages of optical fiber transmission such as high bandwidth, long distance, and low cost will be further manifested, and optical fiber is widely used in the access layer and gradually replaces copper cable. Today, high-quality products love the increasingly developed FTTH bandwidth communication. Play an increasingly important role.

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It is made of high quality, electroplated and sprayed, with beautiful appearance and firm structure;

Semi-enclosed frame structure, full front operation, easy maintenance;

The equipment is divided into two major types:

Type A: It is composed of a basic frame (optical fiber distribution) in the middle, an extension frame (optical fiber distribution) on the right, and a combination of a total of three frames with a coil frame;

Type B: It is composed of a basic frame (optical fiber distribution) in the middle, an extension frame (optical fiber distribution) on the left and right, and a fiber tray on the left and right, a total of five frames. A type or B type combination can be determined according to user needs. Whether the left and right extension racks and left and right fiber racks are equipped with cabinet doors, and whether the basic racks are equipped with unit panels, can also be determined according to user needs;

Adapter SC or FC;

Optical fiber curvature radius R≥37mm (internal control);

Good grounding, there are optical fiber plus clean core grounding terminal in the frame, and the frame grounding terminal, the two are insulated from each other;

The plastic material in the frame is flame-retardant.


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