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MET05-AC2 type AC power distribution cabinet for communication

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MET05 type DC communication power distribution cabinet and AC power distribution cabinet are auxiliary equipment of power supply and transmission equipment in the communication system, which can be used for communication equipment (distribution frame) for AC and DC power distribution and fault alarm. The power distribution method is adopted Secondary distribution.

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Communication with computer interface;

MET05-AC AC power distribution cabinet is the main auxiliary equipment in the communication system. It can perform three-phase 380V or single-phase 220V AC power distribution to various types of instruments and other AC loads. It has a large capacity and has AC and DC power distribution. , Voltage, current indication, fault alarm and delay alarm, computer monitoring and other comprehensive functions;

The 380V AC power supply is divided into main and backup channels. The AC power distribution mode adopts two-level distribution. The frame size, number of phase wires, number of branches, corresponding fuse current, etc. can be increased or decreased according to user needs;

The total fuse of the phase line can use two 3×100A air reset AC air switches with switches (or use a knife switch and a porcelain fuse in series); the branch fuse of each phase line can be a switch with a switch The air-returning AC type air switch makes the equipment reliable and easy to operate;

The AC power distribution cabinet is equipped with AC power supply, and DC power supply can also be configured according to user requirements;

The alarm system adds a 220V~/48V transformer (connected to the A phase line, 40W) to provide DC-48V working voltage to the alarm control board, and the alarm display panel above the rack displays the voltage value of -48V;

For a cabinet with a size of 2200mm×600mm×600mm, a maximum of 90 branch circuit air switches can be separately allocated for AC;

A computer interface can monitor 64 head cabinets, and each head cabinet can control 90 racks.

Above the rack are:

①A voltmeter, showing the value of three-phase AC voltage;

②Three ammeters, displaying the value of three-phase alternating current;

③Four working indicator lights, one is the general working indicator light (green); the other three are three-phase indicator lights (yellow, green, red)

④There is also a display panel above the rack, which displays -48V DC working voltage.

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