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Integrated DC charging pile

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Shengdao SDEV-120-DC2 integrated DC charging pile, the maximum charging power is 60KW-120KW

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Integrated DC charging pile:

All in one DC charging pile

Shengdao SDEV-120-DC2 integrated DC charging pile has a maximum charging power of 60KW-120KW. It has been tested by a number of domestic and international certification agencies. It can operate safely under various harsh conditions such as rain, snow, and strong wind. The appearance of the product is simple and beautiful, with a friendly human-computer interaction interface, which can realize the functions of control, billing, fee deduction, communication and protection.

Features of DC charging pile products:

Human-computer interaction function

Information that the charging pile can display: operation, charging, fault status indication; charging voltage, charging current, charged amount, electric vehicle recharge card balance; fault and alarm information; interactive information during manual charging; display after the end of charging Electricity consumption and consumption amount this time.

Information that can be displayed on the charging pile: charging time, setting parameters, battery temperature, battery SOC, etc. The charging station has the function and interface to manually set the charging parameters and charging station number externally to realize manual control. The information display characters are clear and complete, and can be recognized without relying on ambient light sources. The charging pile is equipped with real-time fault and historical fault records, and the charging status is displayed in real time.

Communication function

The charging pile can communicate with the upper-level monitoring and management system in uplink or downlink with the car battery management system. The charging pile can respond to data calls and remote control from the upper-level monitoring and management system at any time during the charging process, and obtain charging parameters and real-time charging data in real time. The charging output parameters can also be adjusted in real time according to the charging needs of the battery management system.

The charging pile has a CAN interface that communicates with the electric vehicle battery management system to obtain the charging parameters and real-time charging data of the electric vehicle battery system. The charging pile has the function of communicating with the superior monitoring system and adopts the Ethernet communication method.

Metering function

The charging pile has the function of measuring electricity, and the electricity metering device meets the requirements of relevant national standards.

Credit card payment function

The charging pile is equipped with an IC card reading device. The card reader supports ISO7816 card reading, and can communicate with the built-in electric energy metering device of the charging pile, and cooperates with the IC card to realize charging control-level charging and billing.

Background payment function

Support background UnionPay payment, WeChat payment, Alipay payment, city all-in-one card payment, etc.


The application of HMI human-computer interaction interface greatly increases the intelligence and humanization of charging. To

Diversified charging options


Diversified payment methods


In addition, there are mobile apps that provide special positioning, appointment, payment and other services, and realize the requirements of intelligent charging throughout the process, providing customers with great convenience.


Customers, charging piles and operators will form a huge whole to form an electric vehicle operation management system to realize online monitoring and life-cycle management of assets such as electric vehicles, power batteries, and charging facility networks, and improve the intelligence of electric vehicle operation and management Level and optimize the allocation of resources.


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