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Portable DC charger

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Shengdao SDEV-DC1 portable DC charger adopts 380V AC input and the maximum charging power is 30KW.

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Portable DC charger:
Portable DC charger

Shengdao SDEV-DC1 portable DC charger adopts 380V AC input and the maximum charging power is 30KW. The portable DC charger is small in size and light in weight. The bottom is equipped with a roller, which is convenient to move and carry. It has the characteristics of simple operation and fast charging speed. The SDEV-DC1 product has protection measures such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, and output short circuit. The product has a simple and beautiful appearance, has a friendly human-computer interaction interface, and can realize functions such as control, billing, fee deduction, and communication.


Overview of DC charging piles:
DC charging pile overview

The DC electric vehicle charging pile, commonly known as "fast charging", is a power supply device that is fixedly installed outside the electric vehicle and connected to the AC power grid to provide DC power for the non-vehicle electric vehicle power battery. The input voltage of the DC charging pile adopts three-phase four-wire AC380V±15%, the frequency is 50Hz, and the output is adjustable direct current, which directly charges the power battery of the electric vehicle. Since the DC charging pile adopts a three-phase four-wire system for power supply, it can provide sufficient power, and the output voltage and current can be adjusted in a large range, which can meet the requirements of fast charging.

The application of HMI human-computer interaction interface greatly increases the intelligence and humanization of charging. To

Diversified charging options


Diversified payment methods


In addition, there are mobile apps that provide special positioning, appointment, payment and other services, and realize the requirements of intelligent charging throughout the process, providing customers with great convenience.


Customers, charging piles and operators will form a huge whole to form an electric vehicle operation management system to realize online monitoring and life-cycle management of assets such as electric vehicles, power batteries, and charging facility networks, and improve the intelligence of electric vehicle operation and management Level and optimize the allocation of resources.

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