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Wall-mounted AC charging pile

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AC charging pile: AC input is equipped with leakage protection switch, with overload protection on the output side, short circuit protection and leakage protection.

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Features of AC charging pile:

> The AC input is equipped with a leakage protection switch, which has the functions of overload protection, short circuit protection and leakage protection on the output side.

> The charging pile is configured with real-time fault and historical fault records, and the status of the charging pile is displayed in real time.

> The AC input is equipped with an AC smart energy meter, which can perform AC charging power measurement.

> The charging method can be set to automatically charge, charge by appointment, and manually charge; during the charging process, the charging method, power and cost information, and card information are displayed in real time.

> Configure 3 height indicator lights, "power", "charging" and "fault".

> With radio frequency card reader, IC card payment method is supported, in accordance with the combination of "withholding fee and actual settlement".

> The charging pile has an emergency stop button switch, which can quickly cut off the output power.

> The charging pile has the function of recording on-site data after power failure, which can prevent data loss due to accidental power failure.

> The charging pile has an external communication function. The standard configuration is to upload user information and equipment status information to the background monitoring system through the Ethernet interface, and obtain and execute the control commands of the background monitoring system. GPRS/CDMA wireless network module can also be selected through the interface.

> The charging interface connector has a locking assembly to prevent accidental disconnection during connection and has the function of preventing misoperation.



The application of HMI human-computer interaction interface greatly increases the intelligence and humanization of charging. To

Diversified charging options


Diversified payment methods


In addition, there are mobile apps that provide special positioning, appointment, payment and other services, and realize the requirements of intelligent charging throughout the process, providing customers with great convenience.


Customers, charging piles and operators will form a huge whole to form an electric vehicle operation management system to realize online monitoring and life-cycle management of assets such as electric vehicles, power batteries, and charging facility networks, and improve the intelligence of electric vehicle operation and management Level and optimize the allocation of resources.


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